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Dr. Marc Milot, PhD, a research psychologist, is the managing director and consultant at Workreach Solutions. He helps EAPs and organizations (via research, analysis and analytics) generate and implement evidenced-based knowledge in ways that improve business and organizational practices and workplace mental health.

Special projects  by the Work and Health Research Lab at Workreach Solutions are conducted by experienced researchers and analysts with expert knowledge in the mental health, behavioral, and workplace health fields.

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Managing Director & Consultant
Dr. Marc Milot, PhD

Dr. Milot, Ph.D., is a research psychologist, and works as a researcher, outcome evaluator, data scientist, and independent scholar in the areas of workplace mental health and EAPs. Milot holds a Ph.D. degree in experimental psychology from the University of Ottawa.

Expert Team

Dr. Milot is the principal researcher/consultant on all projects. For the deployment of large scale projects he directs a team of experts and analysts.

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